How Winter Tires Work

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How Winter Tires WorkWinter weather in Montana can go in many different extremes. Going through the mountain passes can bring you heavy snow and icy roads, while traveling through town can leave you gliding through red lights. With careful driving and decent all season tires you can often get through the winter without issue. However, winter tires can give you distinct advantages for these reasons.

Winter Tires Are Soft and Flexible

During the summer you don’t want soft flexible tires. They will simply wear out sooner. However, that’s exactly what you are looking for from winter tires. Cold weather tires are able to stay supple under cold weather, providing you with greater traction on icy roads. All season tires will get harder in cold weather, resulting in a hard tire trying to maintain contact with icy roads. It simply leads to less traction.

Winter Tires Are Narrower

There are many reasons why tire makers designed winter tires to be narrower. Of these reasons, though, the main one is to increase surface pressure. As you know, the amount of pressure on a surface is directly related to the amount of surface area. So, by reducing the amount of tire on the road we can increase the pressure per square inch that is being transferred through the tires.

Winter Tires Have Winter Specific Tread Patterns

If you looked at a summer and snow tire side by side you will see that the winter tire is far more complex. It features sipes going in many different directions, as well as sipes within the treads that expand to sort of grab the road. This complex assortment of tread and sipes allow your tires to grab onto the roads better.

The other unique feature of the winter tires is its ability to expel ice and snow. Of course, you want your winter tire to grip the road, but you also need it to avoid any build up, especially from sticky snow. So, winter tires are designed to expel excess snow as it rotates. This expulsion helps keep your tires free of buildup and retain its ability to grip the road.

Winter Tires Help You Stay In Control

Simply put, winter tires help keep you safe in the winter by improving your traction and braking times. This can help you avoid sliding through intersections or aiding in your ability to make turns. At Ressler Motors, we highly recommend you to consider winter tires during the coldest parts of Montana.

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