Why The Toyota Tundra is the Ultimate Work Truck

May 16th, 2017 by

When it comes to finding the ultimate truck to get work done, it’s hard to beat the Toyota Tundra. This outstanding vehicle is the absolute cream of the crop for anyone that uses their vehicle to make a living. Whether you are in the construction industry and are looking for a vehicle to carry your tools and crew to a job site or if you are in the landscaping business and need a dependable truck to carry your gear and pull your riding lawn mower to the next house, the Toyota Tundra has the skills to help you pay the bills. So quit settling for substandard trucks that just don’t measure up. Start expecting more out of your truck with the hard working 2017 Toyota Tundra.

Space For the Whole Crew

If its seating capacity that you are looking for, the 2017 Toyota Tundra offers several models designed to give you the seating capacity that you need, and the features you can’t live without. If you are looking for a great truck for you and up to two people, choose the SR model and you get a hard working truck that is practical and perfect for your small crew. The SR5, on the other hand, gives you seating for up to six. This truck is perfect when you need a hard working truck that can haul the whole crew to that remote job site without batting an eye. Getting to the job site in comfort makes the rest of the day just fall into place.

Payload and Towing Capacity

It makes sense that the ultimate working truck would have some demands placed on it. That would most likely come in the form of towing capacity. After all, many trades require a job trailer to keep your tools and material organized throughout the work day and all throughout the building process. The 2017 Tundra has four great models to choose from, giving you an impressive range of towing capacities from 6,800 to 10,500 lbs. You also have a maximum payload range of between 1,600 and 2,080 lbs to carry even more with you in the bed. That means you can get to and from work with your trailer without your truck giving up on you when it counts. This is pushed by a

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