Where to Go Paddle Boarding in Bozeman

October 8th, 2015 by

Where to Go Paddle Boarding in Bozeman

You’re ready. You’re prepared. If Jennifer Aniston ever calls you and asks you to hang out in Bozeman with her, you know exactly what to do! Your “Jen Aniston Outfit” goes to the dry cleaners once a month to stay fresh, and your “Fun Things to Do With J-Ston” (that’s what you’ll call her!) list is laminated and taped in secret places all over your house. It’s got everything she could ever want to do on it. And you know what she likes to do, because you read the tabloids and you’ve seen Friends seven hundred times. I mean, you’re practically best friends already. But then something horrible happens. You pick up People and there it is! J-Ston is Paddle Boarding in Hawaii! HOW COULD YOU HAVE MISSED THIS? What if she wants to go paddle boarding in Bozeman? We don’t have oceans! Have no fear, we know where to go. Take a deep breath and add paddle boarding to your list, because Ressler Motors wants you to be friends with Jennifer Aniston more than you want you to be friends with Jennifer Aniston.

Hyalite Reservoir

Hyalite is so beautiful, you could take all your receipts up there and work on your taxes and you would still have a memorable, gorgeous time. But don’t do that! Take your own or rent a paddle board and enjoy Hyalite. The still waters are perfect for a novice, and also work for someone a little more familiar who wants to get a long, relaxing paddle in.

Madison River

If you’re looking for a little more of challenge while paddleboarding try the Madison! While your friends float past you working on nothing more than their tans, you can be working on your balance, strength, core, and you’ll have a tan to match theirs but it will be all over instead of just your front half! There is a great stretch on the lower Madison from Warm Springs to Black’s Ford, grab your board and get paddling!

Yellowstone River

Yellowstone River also has a fantastic area for paddle boarding. The “Bird Float”, from Grey Owl to Mallard’s Rest, has long flat stretches, curves, and a few small rapids to keep things interesting and give you a little run for your money while also allowing you to enjoy the beautiful nature around you.

East Gallatin Recreation Area aka Bozeman Beach

Wanting to try something new on your paddle board? Bozeman Beach is a great place to try out yoga on your paddle board! This new form of yoga is really great way to get a little extra kick to your core while being outdoors and on the water (or in the water, depending on how good your balance is)! Plus, Jennifer Aniston will love it.