Where to Find Bozeman Distilleries

October 8th, 2015 by

Where to Find Bozeman Distilleries

So, you’ve had enough beer? Yeah, and we’ve had enough gold unicorns. Clearly that’s not a real thing, but sometimes you just want to mix it up a bit. Sometimes you need something a little stronger than beer (and unicorns). That’s where Bozeman’s distilleries come into play! Come check out the fun atmosphere of the distilleries around Bozeman, and sample some of the hometown spirits.

Wildrye Distillery

With a tagline like, “This Ain’t Yer Grandpa’s Moonshine” you know you’re in for a real treat. Wildrye Distillery uses locally-grown ingredients in all of their spirits ranging from the subtly sweet Boss Tweed Old Tom Gin, to the rich Five Drops Bourbon, to the strong but smooth Montannassee Corn White Lightning, which is the owner’s take on Tennessee “White Lightning” that gave him quite a kick in the pants back when he was a new drinker.

Bozeman Spirits Distillery

A newer distillery in town, Bozeman Spirits Distillery, sits in the heart of downtown Bozeman and brings a little heart of the town with it. The wood in the tasting room bar is almost 100 years old, and used to be part of the original floor in the building. You can almost feel the history of the town seeping its way into the room, filling the air with stories from long ago. Sit back with some friends, listen to the gentle murmur of the town going by outside, and let the spirits do the talking.

RoughStock Distillery, Inc.

When you think Montana, you think open fields, gorgeous mountain ranges, and cowboys drinking whiskey. And when you think whiskey, you should be thinking RoughStock Distillery. They are Montana’s first distillery since prohibition, and they make whiskey like they mean it. When you go to the tasting room, you’ll also get a tour, and a chance to sample a few different types of whiskeys. They’re legally only allowed to serve 2 ounces per person per day, but you can definitely purchase some to take home with you and enjoy in your own backyard. Stop by on your way up to Big Sky and check out some amazing whiskey in an amazing distillery.