Where to Find Bozeman Breweries

September 18th, 2015 by

Looking for a brewery in Bozeman? Roll down your window, grab a rock (we’re not even going to question you on why you have rocks in your car), and throw it. You are bound to hit one. Breweries are popping up all over the city, practically overnight, and thank goodness! Perhaps it’s the low production and business costs that are leading brewery owners this way, or maybe it’s the accessibility to some of the best skiing in the nation practically in your backyard. It could very well just be the friendly hey-we-like-beer vibe the town is sending. No matter what it is, beer is here. And so are you. So let’s get this thing started!

Bozeman Brewing Company

Founded in 2001, Bozeman Brewing Company has quickly made itself a staple in Bozeman. Bozone beers can be found at a lot of the local bars, but why would you want to go there when you can get it straight from the source! Enjoy an old movie theater seat in the cozy tasting room, grab a board game that may or may not have all the pieces to it, and talk with some buddies while you enjoy a Hopzone IPA – you won’t be disappointed.

Bridger Brewing Company

A little newer to the scene, Bridger Brewing Company is no slouch in the brewery world. They don’t only offer beer, but have a great menu with some of the best pizza in Bozeman. They are located just across the street from the Brick Breeden Fieldhouse so you get a nice mix of college students, families, and everyone in between and above and beyond. It’s open and friendly, and the Vigilante IPA is not to be missed if you’re into that sort of thing.

406 Brewing Company

Another new one, 406 Brewing Company is located on Oak near Rouse, and is just what you need on your way home from work/school/the gym. Inside, 406 has huge vaulted ceilings with exposed beams, and the tables and seats are all made from old lacquered beams and rebar. It’s quirky, fun, and there’s often live music in the corner. Grab some pretzels, grab a beer (or three) and hang out. You know you want to.

Outlaw Brewing

We know, we know, you’ve still got a ton of rocks to throw, and Bozeman still has a ton of breweries left, but let’s end on Outlaw for now. This brewery is on the outskirts of town, a hidden gem if you will. It features two fireplaces to keep you warm in the winter, and a large patio to enjoy those sunny days with a cold beer and probably a handful or two of popcorn. It’s also kid friendly, and there are often food trucks around, so grab the family, grab some burritos, and enjoy the great atmosphere at Outlaw Brewing. The beer is pretty great too.