What is Yellowstone Park Foundation

January 7th, 2016 by

yellowstone park foundation

The Yellowstone Park Foundation

is a non-profit organization founded in the 60’s by a group of concerned citizens who wanted to protect and ensure the survival and protection of Yellowstone National Park. The Yellowstone Park Foundation are the official fundraising partner for the park, and work to raise funds for many things, some of which cannot be provided by the National Park System due to lack of funds such as long-term wildlife research, or preservation of historic artifacts. They value partnership, integrity, teamwork, accountability, and above all protecting, and preserving America’s first National Park so that it can thrive.

Yellowstone Forever Campaign

The Yellowstone Forever Campaign is a massive fundraising campaign, five years and 40 million dollars, to “safeguard a Yellowstone that lasts forever”. Some of the key components of this fundraising goal are The Wilderness Forever Fund, The Science Fund for Tomorrow’s Yellowstone, Yellowstone Youth, and Visitor Experience – Accessing America’s Treasures. The point is to ensure the park is cared for by the next generation and generations to come by fostering interest and a love and respect of Yellowstone.

How to Join and Help the Foundation

There are many ways to support this great foundation in its efforts to ensure a lasting, protected park forever. Donations are always welcome in any amount, but if you’d like to get more hands on you can support a project. These are listed on their website www.ypf.org and range from Native Fish Conservatio Programs, to Wolf Field Education Project, to High Altitude Archaeology, to Lamar Micro-Hydro, to the Junior Ranger Program. Other ways to support the foundation are planned gifting, 1872 Society, WIldlife Adoptions, even just getting a Yellowstone Visa Card. You can shop and help the park at the same time, win-win!