What is Museum of the Rockies?

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What is the Museum of the Rockies

What is Museum of the Rockies?

The Museum of the Rockies is a world-class museum that started as a small town collection of Montana artifacts back in 1957 and has blossomed into a huge collection of a variety of different historical interests. Focusing mainly on Paleontology, Native American History, and Montana History the museum also has a fantastic Planetarium with ever-changing shows, a Living History Farm outside, the Children’s Discovery Center, educational programs, and a continuously changing gallery exhibit area. Museum of the Rockies “brings the world to Montana, and Montana to the world”.


You can watch Jurassic Park as many times as you want, but until you walk through the Siebel Dinosaur Complex and see the enormity of the dinosaurs in real life, you have no idea how amazing they really were. This fascinating display has a variety of different dinosaur fossils, most of which were found right in Montana! On your way out you can even watch the professionals methodically, slowly, and carefully brushing away at fossils recently discovered! They may even look up and wave. The Enduring Peoples Exhibit is another great historic time captured and features real pieces of Native American art and clothing. There’s also the Living History Farm outside, and the Paugh Regional History Hall. Currently there is an exhibit on the Art of the Warner Bros. Cartoons, but in the past there has been geckos (thousands of them!), and a chocolate exhibit (yum!). Upstairs is the Children’s Discovery Center which is an amazing learning, and overall fun place for kids to enjoy themselves. From “fishing” to a working replica of Yellowstone’s geysers that erupts periodically, there is no lack of interest up there.

Taylor Planetarium

The Taylor Planetarium is truly a jewel of the museum. With amazingly interesting shows showing about 5 to 6 times a day, it’s worth scheduling the extra half hour into your visit. Shows include From Earth to Universe is a “journey of celestial discovery, from the theories of the ancient Greek astronomers to today’s grandest telescopes”, The Little Star That Could about a little yellow star searching for his own planets which helps introduce the solar system, and Cosmic Happenings a general span of all that is going on in our universe today such as trips to Jupiter and the Kuiper Belt.


The Museum of the Rockies offers a multitude of different educational opportunities for members and non-members alike. There are free sign-language classes and Sensational Babies classes for kids, and changing history and lecture classes for adults, as well as visiting lectures and changing opportunities. Field trips and class projects are always welcome.