What is Love Inc.

February 29th, 2016 by

What is Love Inc.

What if Christians of all denominations got together and used their love and devotion to help change Gallatin County? What if everyone in your church did their best to help those in need, and valued helping those in need? Imagine the change that could be made, and the difference that could be had in lives around you. That’s what Love Inc. strives to do. So, what is Love Inc., exactly? Love Inc. is a way for churches to join together and use their resources and masses to better the lives and environments around them, specifically the devastating problem of poverty in the valley. One church cannot do it alone, but with the culmination of many and many more churches, a change can be had, and love can be spread.

Change Through Togetherness

Just as it is important for an individual church and it’s congregates to reach out and help those around them, it is also important for churches across denominational lines to group together to help each other help their neighbors. It is a “method, network, collection, movement, collaboration” for churches to band together and help make a change in the complexity that is poverty.

Change Through Belief

Love Inc. believes that there is no greater love than God’s, and there is no better way to help your fellow man than through spreading the word and ways of God. They believe that you truly live your best self, and engage fully in your faith by helping those in need around you. By spreading the word of God, and perpetuating Christ-like relationships you bring a greater change to individuals and in turn a greater change to the community as a whole.

Change Through Service

Love Inc. works to serve “anyone with a manageable need”, which is determined by the time and resources the local church has to offer. Acting as a uniter, educator, and provider to churches and leaders, Love Inc. can assist by giving church leadership the skills to better assist their congregation in assisting the community. They educate churches on the specific needs of their areas. They advocate on behalf of Christian churches with the surrounding agencies and governments so that the churches can be an important part in the change for poverty in their community. And they also assist churches starting new ministries so they can be as successful and helpful as possible.