What Is Intermountain Opera

March 15th, 2016 by

Intermiountain OperaWe’ve all heard it. From that one visitor, or that one family member who lives in a different state and can’t believe we choose to live in a place with no theatre! Which they always end up pronouncing so British-ly, you can actually hear the way they’re spelling it in their head. Well, lucky for us they are so very wrong. They can get back in their lift, take it down and get in a lorry,catch the tube, and have a spot of tea somewhere else, because Bozeman not only has theater (yeah, with an “er”) but it also has – The Opera! (insert your own Italian accent here for emphasis) Intermountain Opera is Bozeman’s premier opera house, bringing classics and new operas alike to the deserving people of Montana. It is in fact, Montana’s very first Montana-based opera company. While artists are sometimes brought in from out-of-state, the orchestra and chorus and purely local talents, often including Montana State University students. It is a collaboration of volunteers, and skilled artists, all with common goal of bringing the joy of Opera to the wonderful place that is Montana. So call your family member, tell them to get out their tux from storage – it’s Opera time.


The Intermountain Opera resides at the historic Willson Auditorium. With only 1100 seats, it means you are guaranteed a riveting, up-close and personal experience no matter where you sit. No craning your neck from the balcony and bringing out your gold plated binoculars necessary, except of course as an addition to your wardrobe. To feel the sopranos high notes in your bones is what the opera is all about, and that is exactly what you will get in this venue.

2015-2016 Season

The new year starts off with one of the most beloved Broadway hits, My Fair Lady running from February 12th – 28th. This witty, entertaining, lovely, and irresistible show will have you laughing, smiling, crying and humming all the way home.

Then from May 13 – May 15 Intermountain Opera brings us Don Giovanni, one of Mozart’s “boldest masterpieces”. In short, it is a representation of the “unrepentant” Casanova based on the various stories of the (perhaps mythical) Don Juan.

Introducing Area Youth to Opera

In the weeks that lead up to the opening of a show everyone is working harder than ever to prepare and ready the stage, the makeup, the costumes, etc. for the huge performance about to be had. It is during this bustling time that Intermountain Opera invites 5th and 7th graders to come and see what goes on behind the scenes. The students have been preparing themselves and have spent time studying the opera so that they can ask pertinent questions, and put a name with a face (so to speak). In the off times, members of Intermountain Opera also visit schools to give talks and answer questions about the opera to curious students and teachers alike.