What is HRDC

April 30th, 2016 by

What is HRDC

HRDC is a non-profit “action agency” working to build a better community. Through leadership programs and service HRDC aims to make a change in a community’s “Housing, Food & Nutrition, Child & Youth Development, Senior Empowerment, Community Transportation, Home Heating–Energy–Safety, and Community Development”. To do this they utilize resources, build leaders, and offer support and capital to people of all ages and socio-economic standings overcome obstacles so that they can improve their lives and the lives of those around them.

What HRDC Does

HRDC operates a whopping 34 different kinds of programs all geared toward bettering individuals and bettering communities. They range from children-based programs to housing programs, to transportation. Some of these programs include Head Start Preschool which provides a healthy, supportive educational environment for preschool-aged children who otherwise might not have access to such systems because of their families financial situations. They also have Summer Lunch For Kids which provides lunch to all kids 18 and under during the summer months. And for those people that may have fallen on hard times suddenly, or unexpectedly HRDC offers emergency services like emergency heat, emergency housing, and emergency food. They also have a wide range of programs and services for senior citizens like door-to-door transportation to doctors and medical appointments, in-home care, food support, and assistance with independent living. Among many others, they also has a successful housing program which works to keep houses from being foreclosed upon when possible, helps with downpayment assistance, emergency shelter, and affordable rentals. The impact goes on and on, and by helping in these individual ways HRDC knows they are helping the entire community at large as well.

Getting Involved With HRDC

On their website www.thehrdc.org, you will find a wishlist of things they currently need in case you’d like to help immediately. These are things like, copy paper, wastebasket liners, and sticky notes, etc. But there are also amazing volunteer opportunities for people that want to help make and see a change in the lives around them and in turn their own lives. Contact HRDC today and start making a difference now!