What is HOPA Mountain

April 27th, 2016 by

What is Hopa Mountain

Hopa Mountain recognizes that there are special people in our communities that rise up and lead, and help make a change in their community and the lives of people around them. Hopa Mountain wants to foster these important people, especially in rural and tribal areas, and help them by providing them with financial and educational resources, mentoring, and networking opportunities so that they can use their leadership skills and passion to the betterment of their community. The future of rural and tribal communities’ social, economic, and overall health wellness doesn’t rely solely on outside forces, instead, it can be changed and influenced by the good people within these communities. Hopa counts on it!


Developing leadership skills is an important part of what Hopa aims to do, and to that end they have many mentoring programs from the Storymakers program which is geared toward families with children 0-5, to the Youth Leadership Program for teens ages 13-17, which gives them the opportunity to participate in service projects and activities. They also offer a Community Leadership Program that can be used for an organization or communities for things such as grant writing, or strategic planning.


Hopa Mountain offers workshops, different every time, with professional speakers to help further educate community members in a specific area. For instance, the November 2015 workshop was with Professor Julie Bullard, of University of Montana’s Early Childhood Education to discuss Adverse Childhood Experiences and how they effect learning and health.


Hopa is always looking for people to share their knowledge and skills and volunteer with the rural and tribal communities. Fill out a form at hopamountain.org/volunteer.php or call and see what you can do the make a change today!