What is Chevrolet Wi-fi

February 26th, 2016 by

What is Chevrolet Wi-fi?

What is Chevrolet Wi-fi? It’s the future, in your car. It’s the internet wherever you want it to be. It’s reliability and success when you need it most. Chevy is leading the way for Wi-fi technology in your vehicle by teaming up with AT&T 4G LTE to get the fastest and most reliable internet service in your car. Wherever you are. Whenever you need it. It turns your vehicle into a hotspot so that you don’t have to search one out. So grab your tablet, grab your phone, grab your laptop, grab whatever you want and get in the car. It’s go time!

Easy, Accessible Wi-Fi, Everything You’ve Ever Dreamed About

We’ve all had that moment where we’re listening to that great streaming podcast, or trying to Google the address of the restaurant you are going to and suddenly everything stops. No more podcast, no more address, no more internet. With the new Chevrolet Wi-fi you won’t have to worry about that anymore as Chevy and AT&T and OnStar are all working together to bring the most powerful internet hotspot technology right in your truck, car, or SUV. No more driving around slowly in a strange neighborhood hoping someone has a password-free Wi-fi close by. No more stopping and buying a coffee at 10pm just so you can use their internet for a few minutes, and then being awake until 10am the next day because you can’t drink coffee that late, you know better than that. Chevrolet Wi-fi makes connecting to the internet fast, easy, and fun.

Lots of Possibilities

iIth up to 7 devices that are able to connect in your Chevy Wi-fi, and a connection that is more powerful than your smartphone’s, the possibilities for this technology expand beyond just sitting inside the car. Sure, it’ll be fun for your kids to be able to watch different movies at once (with headphones!) so that you can take that road trip in peace, but once you get to that campsite? Well, sometimes it’s nice to be able to put those movies back on, just for a few minutes. With your vehicle as a hotspot you can do that. You don’t have to go internet free just because you’re camping. Set up those portable speakers and stream your favorite songs from the picnic table! Or say you need to answer some work emails from a jobsite with no power yet. Just hop in the cab of your truck and send them off! No need to drive back into town, Chevy helps you get it done where you are.