What is Central Asia Institute

February 23rd, 2016 by

Central Asia Institute aims to “empower communities of Central Asia through literacy and education, especially for girls; to promote peace through education; and to convey the importance of these activities globally”. It builds schools, trains teachers, gives scholarships, helps better public health, and much more. By providing the resources, as well teaching the community how to encourage and make use of these resources, Central Asia Institute hopes to build a world in which illiteracy begins to dwindle to near zero, and a world in which girls in particular, are educated without oppression, but are empowered and encouraged to do so.

What Is Central Asia InstituteWhy Education

More than 550 million girls and women are illiterate. That’s 550 million women that can’t read stories to their children or their sisters. Women that can’t make decisions for themselves in many instances because they can’t read what’s being asked. Women who are setting the example for generations to come that education is not important. The impact of actually getting out there and educating women and girls, means that there will be a change not only in them, but in their families. Because if women are learning new things, they are passing it down to their children and their relatives, and they are making a difference. They are essentially changing the world with their voices.

What is Done

Through campaigning, fundraising, and donations Central Asia Institute is able to fund new schools being built, and help assist and repair existing schools. Not only that, but they also do major campaigns for scholarships for children in Afghanistan, Tajikistan, and Pakistan. But what are schools without teachers? Nothing. So, CAI makes it an equal priority to provide teacher training and pay teacher’s salaries.

How to Help

There are many different ways to help Central Asia Institute in it’s mission to better the world through education. From straight donation to a scholarship in which you agree to pay a child’s tuition (ranging from 60/month to 100/month), any amount is appreciated and needed for this good cause. There are also ways you can help fundraise yourself, by running a race or starting a Pennies for Peace campaign. But it’s not just straight money. Spreading the word is just as important. Just as CAI aims to educated the youth in central Asia, it is important to educate everyone around us. Take to social media and share the staggering statistics. It is bound to catch someone’s eye, and that is bound to make a difference.