What does Thrive Do

March 12th, 2016 by

You know that Whitney Houston song about the children? Being the future? Yeah, we don’t even need to keep going because you’re already singing it, and now it will be stuck in your head for weeks (sorry!). And yes, it’s a little played out and overdone, but that’s because it is so true. The children are our future. We do have to teach them well and let them lead the way (Oh, go ahead, grab that hair brush and start belting it out! No one is watching). Thrive is a community-based organization in Bozeman that’s mission is to give “every child an opportunity to succeed and grow to become a valuable member of our community and the world”. They have taken evidence-based practices to help encourage and teach parents and families how to raise each other successfully and productively, and have adapted them specifically for our community with the belief that healthy children (in mind and body) are the key to the success of our community in the long run. They are the future. Let them lead the way. But first, give them a safe, healthy, loving, instructive environment to grow up in so they can be the best possible people. Show them all the beauty they possess inside.

Ok, enough with the Whitney, you get it. Thrive strives to make our children the best little people they can be. Here are some of the programs they offer to do so:

Parent Place

The Parent Place Family Resource Centers in Belgrade and Bozeman, offer education, support, and resources to families in order to help their developing child or children. This ranges anywhere from one-on-one support, to dad’s groups, to gym days, but there is really so much more! Just call or stop by to learn more.

Partnership Project

Through home visits the Partnership Project helps better your family so it can thrive by providing assistance in many things, including finding and paying for high-quality day care, developmental assessments, applying for community resources, and more.

Child Advancement Project

The Child Advancement Project matches mentors one-on-one with children grades K-12 to give them extra academic and social interactions so they can enhance their lives and educations and make the most out of every opportunity. In this program they will learn how to set and meet meaningful goals, while learning to believe in themselves and they power they hold within.

Parent Liaison

The Parent Liaison program encourages the belief that fostering an involved, good relationship between the teachers and the parent (the school and the home) helps the children learn and grow even more, in an encouraging, well-rounded environment.

Girls for a Change

A grassroots program, Girls for a Change aims to “empower girls to embrace their future, confident about their individuality, supported by friends, parents, and mentors and secure in their ability to lead and to achieve self-sufficiency, fulfillment and success”. It’s everything you ever wanted in a supportive girl power-like program. It’s this much closer to making our daughters and neighbors and friends and mothers act confidently, and smartly, and deservedly about their directions in life..

To find out more click HERE to visit the Bozeman Thrive web-page.