What Does Heart of the Valley Do

December 20th, 2015 by

Don’t go look at Heart of the Valley’s website. Don’t even do it. You’ll regret it! You looked didn’t you? Well, in case you didn’t look, the reason we said not to was because there’s immediately a picture of two kittens cuddling and then some words (totally unimportant at this point since you’re already in love) about how you probably need to adopt two kittens instead of just one, and even though you weren’t even thinking about adopting a kitten, in fact you are pretty sure you’re allergic, now you’re in the car on your way to get two, Benadryl in hand, because their cuteness is so undeniable, and magnetic, you pretty much have to check yourself into rehab to stop from telling everyone how cute kittens are.

But more than just making you want to adopt every animal ever born, Heart of the Valley is a non-profit animal shelter that takes in lost and given up, or abandoned pets from the Gallatin and Madison Valleys. They aim to “enhance the lives of people and companion animals through pet adoption and education”.

Heart of the Valley

Programs & Services

Heart of the Valley

does almost anything and everything you can think of for animal care, shelter, and helping with available resources. From lost & found animals, to surrendered animals, to adoption, to food assistance, feral traps, and cremation – Heart of the Valley is there to help with your animal needs and wants.

Open-Door Policy

With their “open-door policy”, Heart of the Valley does not euthanize any of their animals for space or time. They will take any animal, at any time. Once they are brought to HOV they are evaluated by professionals for mental and physical health. If they pass the health tests they are put up for adoption, and if they don’t then they are dealt with accordingly. This helps not only the animals get a better chance, but it’s the best thing for the community. Making sure animals that are to be adopted are friendly and able to integrate into a new family and neighborhood is integral to the success and happiness of everyone involved.

Give Back

Heart of the Valley is always looking for volunteers and has numerous different ways for you to help out. You can speak with one of the staff about what would be fit your needs and the needs of the organization and animals within. Some of the opportunities include the Junior Volunteer Program for kids 6-15, and the PAW program for adults 16 and over, which requires more of a commitment but gives a ton of rewards! There’s also the option of being a foster family for kittens, cats, dogs, and animals with special needs. Anything helps, and the love you get in return is so worth it!