What Does Family Promise Do

February 1st, 2016 by

What Does Family Promise Do - Bozeman, MTFamily Promise is a non-profit, interfaith organization that works to end homelessness, specifically for families. They utilize available resources, advocacy, and a variety of services to help homeless families with children become self-sufficient so they can get off the streets, out of the shelters, and into a home and a life of their own, just like those children deserve. Before Family Promise arrived in Bozeman in 2005, there was no real solution to the homelessness problem other than just sending them away. Which is not really a solution, it’s like a hanging a painting over a crack. The crack will still be there when the painting is moved, you just don’t see it for while. Family Promise changed all that. They don’t just brush away the problem, they work to fix it, and empower struggling families with the means to succeed again.

The Process

With the help of generous volunteers, and a host congregation, food, shelter and “compassionate hospitality” is offered for about four different families, five different times a year. The families are all screened to rule out things like active substance abuse or severe mental problems, and are referred to the program by local agencies. During the time the families are there they will work with caseworkers and programs to help find affordable daycare, jobs, and housing. They will continue to work with caseworkers once out of the host home, and many families (over 80%) go on to see great success, with stable housing, and changes in their lives for the better!

Family Mentoring Program

Families that have successfully worked with Family Promise in the past are encouraged, and often do, come back to work in outreach with a trained volunteer to become a mentor to families in need. The benefits of having a mentor that literally knows where they are coming from are invaluable to homeless families seeking help. Encouraging, friendly, and helpful in everyday assistance, a family mentor can make a world of difference for someone, just like they were helped previously.


Volunteers are at the heart of Family Promise, and there are a myriad of different ways you can volunteer your time and services to this amazing organization. Whether it’s driving the van, or yard work, or spending time with families, cooking, and playing with the children, all help is appreciated and welcome.