What Does Eagle Mount Do

January 29th, 2016 by

What Does Eagle Mount Do in Bozeman

What does Eagle Mount Do?

Eagle Mount inspires, educates, motivates, and recreates with disabled people, and young people with cancer. Through the therapeutic ways of recreation, Eagle Mount aims to support and positively interact with disabled people to bring joy and change in a way that only moving, and playing, and doing can. Eagle Mount forms friendships, builds bonds, and brings smiles to everyone who gets involved with the program. From skiers to horseback riders, there is something freeing and peaceful and happy about being outdoors, and being active makes you feel more alive. So whether you or a family member are disabled and looking for a way to get life back into your life, or you want to be a part of that life by sharing your love of ice skating with others who need your help, Eagle Mount is a fantastic place to start living life to the fullest.

Reasons To Participate

Being disabled does not mean you have to give up on all the fun and wonderful things Montana has to offer. There is a whole gorgeous world out there right under our Big Sky and Eagle Mount wants to show it to you! Start a new adventure with skilled volunteers who can help you try something new in a fun, safe way! Make lasting friendships while enjoying the outdoors. Reduce stress and get healthier all at the same time. Become the independent, confident person you’ve always wanted to be. And of course, participate because life is about doing things. It’s about getting out there and surprising yourself with what you CAN do!

The Different Programs

Eagel Mount offers many different programs to chose from. Adventure Days is sort of like a summer camp, with a few weeks sessions involving camping, hiking, kayaking, fishing and more. There are two different aquatic programs for younger people, and older to enjoy swimming, learn how to swim, and get their exercise while in the water. Big Sky Kids is a camp for children with cancer, and the programs are tailored around the children. The EMBLEM program works with, and to honor, the disabled veterans in the community. The Horticulture program uses growing and planting to teach and engage, and literally gets hands dirty! Through the use of adaptive equipment, the Ice Skating program lets disabled people who never thought they’d be able to feel the joy of gliding across the ice, feel it and love it! Saturday Night Out is an opportunity for disabled individuals to have a social setting, while giving their families and parents a night to themselves; it’s a win-win for everyone. Just like with the ice skating, the Skiing Program uses adaptive equipment to help let people ski downhill and feel the wind on their faces and the powder beneath them. Therapeutic Horsemanship works with highly trained volunteers to pass on the healing qualities of horseback riding and the connection one can make between themselves and such a magnificent animal.