What Does Big Brothers Big Sisters Do

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Big Brothers Big Sisters
is a mentoring network, making meaningful and positive relationships between young people and their mentor (or “Big” and “Little”). They match adult volunteers with younger people, ages between 5-18, to form helpful, fulfilling, and strong relationships with the idea that these relationships will help foster a child to become everything they can be. Sometimes the families at home are just not enough – not that there’s necessarily anything wrong with the family, but a working single mother may wish for her son to have a male mentor so he can have a positive role model in his life. Or maybe an only child longs for bond with an older-sibling-like person. Sometimes just having extra positive influences in a child’s life is all that’s required. No matter the situation, Big Brothers Big Sisters works to better the lives of the children in our community, through amazing volunteers and a fantastic national network.

Our Goal

What Does Big Brothers Big Sisters Do

The vision of Big Brothers Big Sisters is simple – “That all children achieve success in life”. Though it is an unfortunate fact that not all children are lucky enough to have positive role models and strong, lasting relationships in their lives, BBBS wants to change that by fostering relationships between children facing adversity with consistent, kind, and positive mentors through a “professionally monitored” program. By doing activities together on a regular basis – anything from bike riding, to going to a park, to baking cookies together – bigs and littles get a chance to learn a lot about each other, and are also able to build their relationships in productive, happy ways that are beneficial for the littles as well as the bigs. There is nothing quite like being reminded of all the mysteries and joys the world has to offer by looking at it through the eyes of a child. And there’s also nothing quite like learning to think positively and be a more well-rounded, fulfilled child because an adult is listening to you. Like, really, really listening.

Who Can Sign Up

Anyone can. There are no familial or economic qualifiers to meet if you would like to sign up your kids, and there are no discriminatory actions for potential Bigs either. There is of course, a long screening process and interview for people who would like to be a Big Brother or Sister. This is to ensure a high level of commitment, desire, and potential Bigs must also pass a background check. This all leads to the best possible mentors for our youth.


Some of the great successes of the Big Brothers Big Sisters program are (but not limited to): 76% of children involved improved their risk attitudes (such as ditching class and drug use), 72% boosted or maintained their educational attitudes; that is their beliefs that they could and would graduate from High School and go to college, etc. And 92% improved or maintained their trust in their own parents.