What is Warriors and Quiet Waters

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What is Warriors and Quiet Waters

What is Warriors and Quiet Waters

People who live in Montana know the joy and peace it brings to your life. The big sky opening up above you with endless possibilities, the mountains and valleys working in majestic scenic harmony, and the calm of untouched nature and wildlife a block away from pretty much anywhere you are. It is because of this beauty and restorative nature Montana has to offer that retired Marine Colonel Eric Hastings created Warriors and Quiet Waters, a rehab or sorts, reintegrating traumatically injured (whether mentally or physically) vets into society by utilizing the therapeutic and calming properties of fly fishing and other peaceful activities Montana has to offer. Participants spend about a week with “world-class” fly fishing experts, learning the ropes, eating home cooked meals, and getting a sense of serenity, peacefulness, and friendship among the other participants and volunteers from the program. Doctors visits, and hospital rehabs though useful, can get overwhelming and are a constant reminder to the vets that they are injured in someway. But out on the lake, with nothing but a rod and the sound of the rushing water, no one is reminding them they are hurt, there is no need to keep fixating on it – sometimes the best thing for people in need is to show them how beautiful life still is, all around them.

Participants – The Warriors

Warriors and Quiet Waters uses outreach and referral programs to find the veterans that would most benefit from the program that have suffered a traumatic injury, or are suffering from PTSD, whether it be socialization or finding a job. This is a “smaller” program, offering just 48 spots in 2016 so that they can give the highest quality care, and best experience to each and every participant. All branches of the military are accepted.

The Fishing Program

The Fishing Experience (FX), takes 6 participants at a time and brings them for a weeklong trip to fly fish in Montana’s world-renowned rivers while developing friendships and a new sense of themselves. They work with professional guides, and fly fisherman to learn the calming sport, and spend time talking with friendly, encouraging individuals, many of whom are veterans of the program themselves who have come back to mentor. Travel, lodging, food, and equipment are all free for warriors in this amazing, once in a lifetime experience. It may all be free for the warrior, but the gains are priceless.

How to Help

Warriors and Quiet Waters utilizes the skills and expertise and kindness of volunteers throughout the span of the program. Once a year Warriors and Quiet Waters sends out an e-newsletter to all those who have expressed an interest in volunteering and from there people are chosen after application and interview processes. And of course you can always donate to such an amazing cause!