Used Rav4 in Bozeman, MT

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Used Rav4 in Bozeman, MT

You want a car for your family that’s rugged yet fun. A car that’s fuel-efficient yet powerful. A car that says, “I take my daughter to ballet and then I take her cliff diving!” Whether you’re actually cliff-diving with your daughter or not, the Rav4 is a perfect vehicle for the family that wants to get around town economically and efficiently, but also wants to escape to the desert for the weekend, down unpaved roads to that perfect camping spot you’ve been searching for. If you’re looking for a used Rav4 in Bozeman, MT for you and your adventurous family, come see us at Ressler Motors, and let us help you get on the road so you can go off-road!
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Safety: Airbags Galore and More

All the Rav4s are safe and dependable for you and whomever is riding with you, and the newer versions are even safer. With airbags in the steering wheel, the passenger side, front and second row “Roll-sensing Side Curtain Airbags”, driver’s knee airbags, airbags in the seat cushions – if you crash into something it’s likely your Rav4 could also then act as a giant flotation device! (It can’t, please don’t try that, you will sink) There hasn’t been this many airbags in one place since the elections! Feel safe in your decision to buy a used Rav4 and let us at Ressler Motors help you!

Spacious and Comfortable

The Rav4 has considerable leg room for every seat, and a sleek interior design. It can fit a family of five, and haul all your daughter’s ballet class props as well as the cliff diving parachutes at the same time with its large cargo capabilities. Take a test drive in the Rav4 at Ressler Motors and see for yourself. Tutus are optional.

All-weather Capabilities

If you live in a place that has weather, the Rav4 is great choice for those snowy days when you don’t want to worry about whether or not your car can handle the road. The Rav4 can. Bring the whole family down to Ressler Motors, we’re waiting to help you find a used Rav4 that’s perfect for you!

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