Used Prius in Bozeman, MT

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Used Prius in Bozeman, MT

Toyota calls the Prius “the hybrid that started it all”. Because it did. It’s been 15 years since its (quiet due to fuel-saving technology) explosion onto the car scene, and since then it has remained efficient, dependable, and a fantastic choice for a family car. While other hybrids are still working out the kinks, a used Prius will not let you down, it already knows who it is and what it does. It’s your next car. No need to keep looking for a used Prius in Bozeman, MT, Ressler Motors has just what you’re looking for! We inspect all of our used vehicles with an incredibly high standard of quality controls so that we can give you the best used car at the best price. Our friendly professionals are waiting to help you any way we can!
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Eco-Friendly and Beyond

The Prius changed the way we think about fuel, and it changed the way we think about our planet. If you’re concerned about your carbon footprint and the world you’re leaving behind for your children, get a used Prius today. Switching between gas and electric, the Prius knows how to maximize fuel so that it can minimize harmful emissions. It also has eco-monitoring so that you can visually keep track of your energy usage and see how well your vehicle is performing. Take a test drive at Ressler Motors and check out the state-of-the-art, informative dashboard for yourself!

Comfortable Interior for More Than Just The Driver

You don’t have to give up your passengers’ comfort for amazing fuel-economy. The roomy Prius seats five, and does so comfortably. Hook a car seat in the back for your new baby, or ask to be the driver for your morning carpool to work. With your used Prius from Ressler Motors you can do it all.

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