Used 4Runner in Bozeman, MT

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Used 4Runner in Bozeman, MT

Have you ever seen a clean 4Runner? No. Because they don’t exist. 4Runners were born in the mud. They were born in the rain and the back country. 4Runners breathe the air of the mountains, and the open road, and the desert. They are dirty because they are working and playing where you want to. 4Runners know how to drive. With its powerful engine, and great design the 4Runner is the perfect vehicle for off-roading when you need to get away. Take it to work and then take it to the lake. Your friends and family with love the comfort and style of riding in the 4Runner no matter where you take it. Let us at Ressler Motors show you the way a SUV should be. Come check out a used 4Runner in Bozeman, MT at Ressler Motors, the road is calling!
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Like Its Father, and Its Father Before Him

The 4Runner was first introduced in 1984, back before SUVs were SUVs. At the time it was just a fantastic all-terrain vehicle with the innovative body-on-frame build that made it excellent for the street as well as bumpy roads. It’s obviously been upgraded since the 80’s, it holds more cargo and people, but the strong design remains the same. According to Toyota “90% of 4Runner sold in the last ten years are still on the road”. If that isn’t a line to get you into see one today, we don’t know what is. See the classic, sturdy used 4Runners at Ressler Motors today!

What’s In A Name

The 4Runner doesn’t have a fancy name like, “Serengeti” or “Plasmatic”. It doesn’t need to dress things up with a title, the name says it all. A combination of four wheel drive, and off-road runner, it does exactly what it says it does. Take it out into terrain you know your old sedan could never go and watch as it handles bumps, and dips, and hills like no other. It’s powerful V6 engine can haul you, your family, and your cargo into areas you’ve only dreamed about going.

Room to Spare

Most newer versions of the 4Runner have a 3rd row of seating, making it the perfect vehicle to take your whole family out on an adventure, or leave a few behind and fold the third row down to haul out that new hammock and raft you’ve been wanting to try. We won’t judge. We just want you to have fun! Come test drive a used 4Runner in Bozeman, MT at Ressler Motors today. You’re sure to find some mud hidden somewhere on that baby.

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