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The Scoop on Recalls

So what is “the scoop” regarding Toyota recalls?  Across all makes and models it seems like it would be appropriate to declare 2014 as the “year of the recall(s).”  This is due to a great deal of media attention devoted to highlighting the recalls, their scope and their specifics.  Plus there have been some high profile incidents that have been very serious in nature.  Whatever make and model of vehicle you are considering owning, or concerning the one you already own, it is important to research both the history and present recalls that may apply to your vehicle.

What is a Recall

To many a recall is a huge “scarlet letter” for the automaker.  This is generally not the case.  According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, in 2014, automakers recalled more vehicle than they sold  in 2013.*  A recall is an active response by the automaker to testing, customer and service center experience, as well as safety concerns to alleviate and correct these concerns.  It is imperative that these recalls be timely and correctly implemented.  Recalls have always been a part of the automobile industry and will continue to be.  Fortunately, automakers are much more proactive than in the past in responding to issues warranting a recall.

The Scoop on Toyota Recalls

Toyota’s record on recalls was exemplary until a few years ago when they appeared to be slow in responding to some customer experiences.  Since then Toyota has been quick to listen and respond to customer observations.  In fact in 2013 and 2014 Toyota has led the industry in “voluntary recalls.” These are recalls that Toyota has implemented voluntarily to be proactive rather then reactive in terms of customer safety, confidence and enthusiasm.  Overall, based on a “recall rate” that considers number of vehicles sold and total recalls issued, Toyota has a lower rate of recalls than other notable brands – Honda, Ford, Chrysler, Hyundai, etc.*

The Scoop on Your Toyota Recalls

If you own a Toyota or are thinking of owning a Toyota we have a tool to help you easily check for active recalls.  Simply visit our Toyota of Bozeman Service Page and then click the “Safety Recalls and Service Campaigns” tab.  This will connect you with the Toyota Database on recalls.  If you have any question about airbag recalls there is a link on this site that will detail year and model. If you find an applicable recall for your vehicle please click the same link and schedule an appointment so this recall can be performed at you earliest convenience.

The Toyota brand continues to be a brand that instills confidence due to its vehicles quality, longevity, resale and customer satisfaction.  Toyota recalls are just another example of the world’s leading automaker listening to their customers and providing active solutions.


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