Forward Thinking: Toyota Prius vs Ford C-Max

November 26th, 2014 by

Toyota Prius vs Ford C-Max

Toyota Prius vs Ford C-Max

The Toyota Prius vs Ford C-Max is where anyone starting to explore purchasing a Hybrid needs to begin.  Toyota is proud to call the Prius “the hybrid that started it all.”  It’s a reputation the manufacturer has been cultivating with good reason. The Toyota Prius sets the bar pretty high.

The Prius has become a modern icon in the driving world by proving itself reliable through its years of service to its loyal customers. Toyota is also proud to be able to point out that about 95 percent of all Prius models sold in the last decade are still being driven.

And why not?

The Prius’ blend of electric and gas technologies earns an estimated 51 miles per gallon during city driving. The Prius is still significantly better on the highway than the C-Max, producing 48 mpg verses the C-Max’s 37.

But that isn’t the only Earth-saving feature incorporated into the U.S.’s  favorite hybrid. The Prius offers options like a solar roof, which draws power from the sun to keep air circulating through the vehicle when parked in direct sunlight.  So when compared to something like Ford’s C-Max, the Prius does stand head and shoulders above the competition.

The C-Max does have a slight advantage in its driving feel. The C-Max can be expected to feel a little more sporty, but that is with the sacrifice of much of the fuel economy and efficiency features of the Prius.  To illustrate, the Ford C-Max offers and EPA estimated 42 mpg in the city and 37 on the highway.

The Prius also offers three body sizes. The original Prius (also available as a plug-in) and the introduction of the Prius c (smaller) and Prius v (larger) series.

For consumers, interested in the Hybrid class of vehicles, the ultimate decision needs to depend on proven performance, fuel economy, and ultimately the test drive.  After considering the Toyota Prius vs Ford C-Max, with these factor considered it’s easy to see why the Prius is the most popular hybrid in America.