Tips for Your Test Drive

September 4th, 2015 by

When it comes to buying a new vehicle, for many people, the process begins with research. Reading reviews, talking to drivers who own the same vehicle, discovering what features the vehicle has to offer, considering price, and stopping at the dealership to see it in person, are all things many of us do to learn more about the vehicle we are interested in. While all of this is certainly a good idea and should absolutely be a part of the vehicle-shopping process, another part is the test drive. There is nothing else that can tell you more about the vehicle you are interested in buying than getting behind the wheel and finding out for yourself what type of ride it offers and how it feels to sit in those seats. If you are shopping for a vehicle, you should definitely be planning for a test drive. And, when you take that test drive, here are some things to look for:

Is it a Good Fit?

Before you even get the vehicle out on the road, take some time to see how you fit inside of it. Can you get in and out of it easily? Is there plenty of leg- and headroom for you? How does the seat feel – can you ride comfortably in that seat? Can you clearly see the gauges? You should also take time to make some adjustments. Adjust the mirrors, the seat, the steering wheel, the lumbar support (if available) and see if you can get everything just how you like it. After all, you don’t want to buy a vehicle and then head out on a road trip, only to discover that you are uncomfortable or do not have ample space. Make sure that the vehicle you are interested in is a good fit for both you and your passengers.

Turn Off The Radio and Listen to the Vehicle

Of course you might be interested in checking out the sound system in the vehicle you are test driving, and that is fine. Check it out before you leave the lot and then turn it off. You need to be able to listen to the vehicle as you drive it, and with the radio on, you may miss something. Listen to the road noise and get a feel for the sounds the vehicle makes. Be aware of any unfamiliar sounds (especially if you are test driving a used vehicle) and ask about them if you don’t know what they are. The key is to listen to the vehicle and ask questions.

Take the Vehicle on Your Usual Route

When you take a vehicle out for a test drive, take it along your usual route and drive it as if you owned it. This way, you can experience the vehicle the most naturally and on the roads you frequent. In addition, be sure to take the vehicle out on the highway and around town as well, so you can get a feel for how it rides at multiple speeds.

No matter what vehicle you are test driving, or where you are driving it, be sure you leave no question unasked and no part of the vehicle unexplored. Get to know the vehicle before you buy it so there are no surprises later. At Ressler Motors, our friendly and professional staff would love to answer any questions you may have about a vehicle and we would love to get you out onto the road for a test drive. Come see us today and find the vehicle you have been waiting for.