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We are so proud to be an ongoing sponsor of Thrive and all they do!

Thrive is a community-based organization created in 1986, and was established in Bozeman, Montana to assist the needs of families in the area. The thrive program has quickly gained national attention. Each year Thrive assists over 7,000 collective families- parents and children and community members through their five signature programs.

Bozeman's Thrive

Thrive offers mentoring, education and support for children and families, so that parents, mentors, and anyone involved with children in our community has the skills needed to be successful. Their programs have been proven to be successful and are developed using evidence-based practices, altered to meet local community needs, and carefully evaluated to ensure program effectiveness.

Thrive’s Mission statement is to ensure all children have the opportunity to succeed at school, at home, and in life. To achieve this, we provide mentoring, education, and support to children and families through five signature programs designed right here in our community.

Thrive has created much needed community partnerships built on sharing ideas, implementation, management, evaluation, financial resources, and responsibilities for programs. This design, which always puts the child’s needs first, results in the highest quality services, maximizes meager resources, and has a long lasting impact on outcomes for children.


Thrive’s Program’s revolve and are implemented around their three core values:

  • Early Start- The road to success begins in the earliest years with children who are born healthy and raised in stable, safe, and nurturing familes.
  • Strong Foundation- Healthy child development is the foundation is the foundation for community and economic development.
  • Prevention is Key- Creating the right conditions for early growth and development are more effective and less costly than addressing problems that develop later.


Thrive in Bozeman

Thrive’s signature programs include: Child Advancement Project (CAP), Girls for a Change, Parent Liaison, Parent Place, and Partnership Project.

If you are interested in learning how you can become involved in these programs, volunteer or how to donate please click HERE.