Spring Cleaning Time for Your Vehicle

March 10th, 2015 by

Spring has sprung and for many, that means it is time to pull out the spring cleaning list and tackle those projects that have been waiting all winter.

As your spring projects get underway, don’t forget to add your vehicle to the list. After several winter months of transporting you through snow, mud and muck with wet boots, coffee cups and more strewn about the inside, the time has come to give your vehicle a thorough cleaning.

Here are a few tips to get you started on spring cleaning your vehicle:

Pick up the trash

If you have been avoiding offering your friend a ride because you don’t want him or her to see your impressive trash collection, it is time to clean it up. Remove trash and any junk that has piled up on the floors, on the seats, in between the seats and consoles, under the seats, in the trunk- everywhere. Add a garbage bag or trash box for future use to make cleanup easier next time.

Clean the mats

Your floor mats take the most abuse during the winter months – after all, they are where your muddy, wet feet land each time you get into your vehicle – and are no doubt in need of a deep cleaning. Power wash both rubber and carpeted mats to get all the grime off. To ensure you do not encourage mold growth, allow the mats to dry thoroughly before putting them back into your vehicle.

Vacuum the interior

Just like your home, your vehicle needs to be vacuumed to help keep it clean and in good condition. Start vacuuming at the top and work your way down to catch any dust and dirt that may fall in the process. Vacuum everything, including in the crevices, creases, nooks and crannies.

Wash the exterior

As with the interior, you will want to wash your vehicle’s exterior from the top down. Be sure to use soap that is made specifically for cars and never wash your vehicle in direct sunlight. Spray the wheel wells and undercarriage to remove salt buildup, don’t forget to wash the doorjambs and be sure to clean the windows both inside and out. Dry your vehicle with a soft, natural-fiber cloth.

Check the essential parts

After a long winter it may be time to replace your windshield wipers and this is a good time to check your fluids. Wait until your engine is cool and check your coolant, oil and other fluids. Also, if you added winter tires, the time has come to switch them back, or to get your all-season tires rotated.

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