Spray in Bed Liner in Bozeman, MT

May 4th, 2015 by

spray bedliner Do you need a Bedliner in your Truck?

YES!! And here’s why . . .

  1. You own a truck. You own a truck because you will at some time use the truck like a truck. Truck beds have a thin coat of paint on them just like the rest of the truck body. Whenever you use your truck like a truck this paint will be scratched, scrapped and will come off. Making your bed look bad as well as potentially negatively affecting the items that you are hauling.  And if you get into any heavy hauling – wood, rocks, dirt etc; there is also the potential damage to the bed medal itself. Spray-in bedliners protect your trcuk bed from the scratches and scrapes as well as the damage that heavier loads can cause. The bedliner distributes the impact over a large area and helps keep your truck bed from being damaged.
  2. Safety – no it wont help you drive or hold to the road, but anyone who has loaded and unloaded a truck in wet or snowing weather knows how slippery the bed can get. Then you add the balancing of what your hauling or unloading and it makes for a very slick surface. The other huge danger is the sifting of loads due to the slick surface. The spray-in bedliners available from Ressler Motors add traction to your bed, both for your feet as you move and to keep your loads in place during driving.
  3. Just like when you make a relatively small improvement to a house or property it can have a tremendous affect on both the look and the resale value, so too will a spray-in bedliner up the value and curb appeal of your truck.  In fact, before selling your truck that has not had a spray-in bedliner consider installing a bedliner to significantly increase the value and sell-ability of your rig.
  4. Spray-in vs Pop-In?As many truck enthusiasts know all too well, plastic bedliners in trucks can often trap water and other debris underneath them. This leads to abrasions, and possibly even rust problems. That’s why we stick to spray in bedliners at Ressler Motors.

The material that we use in our spray-in bedliners is very durable, and stands up over time regardless of what you throw at it. It is also something that we do in our shop. This allows for quick turnaround times, and quality results. Our Bozeman spray in bedliner experts carefully spray in the material, and create a consistent coating throughout your truck bed.sprayin Bedliner

We can also round out your truck with a new Leer topper, as we are an official Leer truck topper dealer in Bozeman. Click HERE to find out more.