Soccer Dad Vehicle

September 3rd, 2015 by

Minivans are awesome. They offer room for you to pack in all of your kids, your friends’ kids, all of their soccer equipment, and still have room to spare. Mothers have loved minivans for years for their spaciousness and versatility, but is there a new person in the driver seat these days? Dads are now also finding minivans to be a great vehicle. The question is, “what took them so long?”

Minivans: The New Soccer Dad Vehicle

What dad wouldn’t love more space? With a minivan, dads get all the space and versatility they could ever dream about. The level of comfort is also incredible. Take the Toyota Sienna for instance, with maneuverable rear seating and second-row foot rests – it is the ultimate comfort vehicle for passengers. And for the dad that needs easy access to his children, minivans offer the space to reach, or get into the back seat. Dads will love the versatility of the minivan, because it’s not just for hauling kids and soccer equipment. Now dad can pick up a new hobby. Hauling tools, canvas, or wood projects are no problem for a minivan.

Changing Times

A few years back, minivans were the vehicle of choice for mothers. Now that more women and moms are entering the workforce, more dads are stepping up to the plate to handle daily errands. Having a minivan is great for the mom, or dad, that needs to transport kids back and forth and share the household responsibilities. Other vehicles do not adapt so easily. The minivan is perfect for mothers and fathers alike.

Whether your dream minivan is a Toyota Sienna, or perhaps a Dodge Grand Caravan, Ressler Motors has them for you to test drive. So dads, stop by and see us and learn why the minivan is the new soccer dad vehicle.

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