How To Protect from Problems Winter Roads Cause

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problems winter roads causeProtecting from problems winter roads cause

In Southwest Montana we get our fair share of winter weather. As you know, winter weather brings forth the use of gravel and chemicals in order to break down ice buildup. It may come as no surprise to those of you who have lived here long enough, but this barrage can often lead to your vehicle showing more of its age than it should.

So, to protect your vehicle from this winter bombardment there are a few things that you can do to help maintain the body, undercarriage and frame of your vehicle.

1. Consider installing a “Clear Bra” on your vehicle

A definite preventative step to protect your vehicle from the problems winter roads cause if the installation of a clear bra. A “Clear Bra” is a protective coating of clear vinyl that, when professionally installed, provides an invisible shield for the front end of your vehicle.  This applique can be applied to both the medal components (a must on hoods and side panels) and also to the softer plastic parts. This film absorbs the blow of rocks, gravel and sand providing a buffer that will prevent a great deal of the rock chips and damage that is so often seen on Montana’s vehicles. The decision to have a clear bra installed is not one to be put off – once a small amount of damage is present the clear bra application will become more difficult and less “invisible.” There is no better way to protect your investment then a clear bra installed by the professionals that work in the Ressler Accessory Department.

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2. Wax Before the Winter

Each Year before winter even hits you should be preparing for problems that winter roads cause. By getting your vehicle thoroughly cleaned and waxed before winter you can help guard it from the chemicals that are going to be headed its way. Waxing provides your vehicles with a thin, invisible shield to protect it against UV rays, road salt (if you are in an area that uses it or some other chemical agent), and dirt.

3. Keep Your Tires and Wheel Wells Clean

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We have some really sticky snow in Southwest Montana, and that stuff loves to stick in your wheel wells. This buildup can impair the turning of your tires, and can even do some damage if it falls out. By cleaning keeping your tires and wheel wells free of buildup you can keep it from damaging your vehicle from falling off, and grinding any dirt that is in the snow against the frame of your vehicle. It also will protect others drivers around you from the problems winter roads cause.

4. Give your Vehicle Some Very Thorough Cleanings

Many car washes recycle water in order to keep costs down for both you and them. In the winter this recycled water can have some unwanted chemicals as well. Essentially, you could be spraying your car with the same chemicals you wanted to remove. This may not be the case in Bozeman. However, you would be much better served by a thorough cleaning with fresh water. You should clean out wheel wells, behind fenders, the undercarriage and body of the vehicle. If you bring it to a detailing service like the one at Ressler Motors we can take care of the external needs of your vehicle and even clean the interior of the vehicle, helping to protect your carpet from the dirt, snow and chemicals that winter roads brings. It will also provide you with regular opportunities to closely examine your vehicle to see if you have suffered and of the problems winter roads cause.

5. Dodge Rock and Chemical Deposits

If you see a big pile of gravel or puddles on the road it is best to avoid them. Piles of gravel can come flying up, and cause damage to both the body of your vehicle, and work over your undercarriage, too. Puddles can be filled with salt water or other chemicals used to battle road ice. If you do suffer damage from any road hazard it is best to have a qualified professional look it over and help you determine if any action is needed to prevent any long term or expensive issues.

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