Pairing Your Phone with Entune – IPhone

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Pairing Your Phone with Entune – IPhone

To get started, you want your Toyota running or at least on accessory mode.  Next, look for and press the phone button to the upper right of your touch screen.

Entune Face 1

When your Toyota asks if you’d like to pair a device, select YES. The next screen will show the Toyota in discoverable mode– it is now time to find the car with your phone.

Entune Face 2

Pull out your Apple iPhone, head into settings, and open Bluetooth. Make sure the Bluetooth setting is turned on and scanning for devices. Wait until your Toyota populates under “Other Devices” and select it.

Iphone Pairing

A Bluetooth pairing request window will open ­­ select “Pair”.

Iphone Pairing 1

You have the ability to program your Toyota Entune to display a notification when you receive a text message that says READ and IGNORE — when you select IGNORE, the notification goes away and you can check your message once you are safely stopped. When you select READ, your text message will be read aloud to you. To program this, wait until your Toyota displays the following notification :

Iphone Pairing 2

Iphone Pairing 3

Next, on your phone, select the information icon to the right of your Toyota’s device listing. Turn on “Show Notifications”

Iphone Pairing4

The next option your phone will display is for syncing your contacts with your car. This is highly recommended! Your car will only know your contacts while your phone is present and paired with Entune, and this will allow you to make calls to certain contacts via voice command. Select “Do not ask again” and Yes.

Once your Entune display shows an OK tab in the bottom-left corner, you have completed the process necessary to pair your phone with Entune.

Entune Face 6

Now you can make phone calls by either selecting one of your contacts or manually dialing a phone number.

Entune Face 7

When you receive a phone call, your radio will automatically turn down and you’ll hear your ringtone over the speakers. On your steering wheel, the button with the phone lifting off of the receiver is how you pick up, while the other is how you hang up or ignore a call.

Entune Face 8

The button with a speaking face is your voice command button. When you press this, your Toyota will prompt you to make a command and then beep. Once you hear the beep, you can tell it to call any of your contacts, as long as you name the contact exactly the way it is programmed into your phone.

Entune Face 9

For more information on how to pair your phone to Entune within various Toyota Models…