Onstar Remotelink

January 3rd, 2016 by

Onstar Remotelink - Ressler Motors Bozeman, MTWe’ve all been there – you went to the grocery store for seven things, and magically remembered them all! Even the smoked gouda your weird roommate asked you for (yes, your spouse counts as a weird roommate), but then you come out of the grocery store and suddenly you have no idea where you parked your car. You stand there, holding your bag of gouda staring as if maybe if you concentrate really hard your car will stand up and start waving at you like an embarrassing mom, “Honey! Honey, you parked me over here! Yes, right here! Oh gosh, where’d you get that haircut?” The once empty parking lot is now full and about 90% of them are the exact same car as yours. The longer you stand there the more you convince yourself you parked in the exact opposite direction you were originally headed. Now people are starting to wonder if they should intervene. You are pretty sure your weird roommate is to blame because clearly, you had to make room for the gouda in your memory so your brain kicked out your parking spot. Your roommate will pay for this. No gouda for her!

No gouda indeed. That is just one of the many reasons you need Onstar Remotelink! With the Onstar Remotelink app you can locate your car with the push of a button. No more staring into the infinite void that is the grocery store parking lot. No more having to walk to the store just to avoid situations like this. Onstar’s got you. Not only that, but the Onstar Remotelink has many other helpful, fantastic features! Take a big bite of that expensive smoked gouda, and check them out:

In Control of Where You Go

With the Onstar Remotelink app you can connect to your car with the push of a button. Those cold winter mornings don’t have to be so cold. Just use your app to start your car and let that baby warm up for you, no need for the neighbors to see you in your grandma’s bathrobe, finish getting dressed and let the app do the work for you. Or maybe you want to send directions to your car from your phone so that getting where you’re going is easy and safe – Onstar Remotelink does that too.

Manage Your Car From Afar

We already know you can find your car with your Onstar Remotelink app, but you can do so much more. Once you find your car, so happy and proud of yourself, you quickly wipe that grin off your face when you realize the keys are in the car! Dang gouda! But no worries! The Onstar Remotelink app can unlock your doors for you. Like a magician. And then when it’s done saving your hiney, it can let you view advanced diagnostics on your car, and manage your wi-fi hotspots. The app is really a no-brainer. Which is lucky, because sometimes we all need a little help.

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