Why Do You Need a Tire Alignment

December 17th, 2014 by

One of the most common suspects of tire ‘wear and tear’ is also one of the least obvious problems: tire alignment. All it takes for you to start generating problems is having one or both tires just a smidge off center when you are driving. This forces one of your tires to have to slip just a tiny bit to keep pace with your other tires, and leads to additional wear. Out of aligned tires can also cause your vehicle to pull to one side, and lead to vibrations when braking and other safety concerns.

How You Lose Tire Alignment

alignmentSince your wheels and suspension are such a complex system, falling out of alignment is very common. Some of the most common suspects of causing alignment problems are:

  • Hitting Pot Holes
  • Bumping the Curb When Parking
  • Running into Concrete Parking Barricades
  • Off-roading
  • Wear and Tear

Thanks to Montana’s thawing and freezing in fall and winter, we can see quite a few pot holes around town. Our city does a fantastic job of getting right on these to fix theme, but occasionally we still fall prey to their wily attacks. Point being, you can be a very careful driver, and still push your wheels out of alignment just by happenstance and normal driving.

How We Check Tire Alignment

Checking the alignment of your tires isn’t an eyeball test – at least we hope so because that would mean a very large problem. To test your tire alignment your vehicle needs to be integrated with a machine that utilizes lasers to test the angle of your wheels. A certified technician will then make very little adjustments to bring your wheels to center. At Ressler Motors we can provide this service to all major manufacturer vehicles. Visit our Ressler Service webpage to schedule an tire alignment check at your earliest convenience.

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