MSU Bobcats

April 24th, 2017 by


Established in 1893, Montana State University and the MSU Bobcats are in many ways the heart and soul of our community. MSU strives for greatness in art, engineering, and agriculture to name a few of the 225 respected academic programs in high demand fields. For a full list of majors and degrees Click Here. With enrollment continually growing, MSU has set an enrollment record in 12 out of the last 14 years, with continuous enrollment growth since 2008. This fall the new record was set at 16,440 students enrolled.

With such a constant increase in students, MSU has completed a new dormitory “Yellowstone Hall,” which will house an additional 400 freshman students. Since MSU houses about 4,200 students, 70% of which are the incoming freshman. For more information on Montana State University Residence Halls Click Here.

MSU Bobcats brings us all kinds of sporting events that our community enjoys throughout the year. These include football, basketball, cross country, skiing, tennis, track and field, golf, and volleyball. The athletic department’s mission statement is as follows:

  • Promotes student-athlete welfare, ethical conduct, equal opportunity, and fiscal and social responsibility among all athletes, coaches, staff, and administrators.
  • Supports the success of student-athletes by actively engaging the broader university community.
  • Actively develops student-athlete life-skills for success in the classroom, on campus and in the community.
  • Encourages athletic excellence characterized by discipline, sportsmanship, and continuous personal growth.

Ressler Motors is proud to be an official partner of Bobcat Athletics. We’ve had the opportunity to provide their facilities with vehicles for the Homecoming parade as well as drive their Homecoming court in the parade this year. We are also a major sponsor of the Can the Griz food drive. Ressler Motors is thankful for the opportunity to provide trucks to assist with pickups of donations at different grocery stores, provide use of our tailgate spots for collection areas during home games, and provide radio spots for the drive.