Manhattan Christian School

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Manhattan Christian School

Manhattan Christian has been operating for more than 105 years. Manhattan Christian school was founded by the Dutch immigrants who settled in the Gallatin Valley at the beginning of the century. Their Biblical perspective is based on God’s word (as interpreted by the likes of John Calvin) and has survived the test of time and continues to be upheld today.

Manhattan Christian school is founded on tradition and believes in providing a strong educational program. Their mission is to prepare children to serve God in a world that belongs to Him. They have graduates located all over the world and several international students! Manhattan Christian school is proud to have over 100 years of Alumni.

At Manhattan Christian, the curriculum is liberal arts focused and is directed to provide a well-rounded educational experience for all of God’s children. They not only provide the core curriculum in Math, Science, and Language Arts, but also offer a well-developed music and art program for all students. Their athletic program has won over 35 state or runner-up championships over the years.

Vision Statement
Manhattan Christian School seeks to:
  •       Cultivate growth within our students in knowledge, conviction, and maturity, 
  •       Create a dynamic vision of Christ’s Lordship,
  •       Nurture a personal relationship with Jesus Christ that develops a Christ-like love demonstrated to all people; and
  •       Inspire each other to strive for His glory in all of life.

 Mission Statement

Manhattan Christian inspires students to live God-glorifying lives by teaching Christ’s lordship in faith, learning, and living. 
MCS is seeking to develop lasting characteristics in its graduates.  It is our goal that our graduates will:
  • Practice godly discernment;
  • Sacrifice themselves as servant leaders;
  • Dare to think deeply and take action;
  • Walk humbly in Christ’s footsteps with obedience and joy; and
  • Create in thankful response to our Savior.

If you are interested in learning more about Manhattan Christian Schools and how you can become involved with this organization please click HERE.