Lifted Trucks For Sale

May 27th, 2015 by

Some like to call them lifted and gifted, while others simply call them perfect. At Ressler Motors, we like to call them normal. Lifted trucks are a common occurrence at Ressler Motors, and for good reason: Montana is perfect for them. With all the backcountry skiing, biking, hiking, camping and more going on, a lifted truck is sometimes the best way to get to the adventure.

So, why do people come to Ressler Motors for lifted trucks? Well, we can work with you and your lender to get the accessories financed in your car deal. This includes things like lift kits, winches, roof racks and much, much more. We really do have a wide selection of accessories to choose from.

Lifted Toyota Tundra for Sale

At Ressler Motors we have three really popular lifted trucks. The first of these is the Toyota Tundra. Most of our lifted Toyota Tundra are made to order, but we do occasionally create one to showcase all that we have to offer. If you are looking for something special, though, we welcome you to call us. We’d be happy to go over what we can do for lifted Toyota Tundra.

Lifted Chevrolet Silverado for Sale

The second most common lifted truck we sell is a lifted Chevrolet Silverado. The Silverado is popular among Chevy enthusiasts, and the lifted version is gaining a lot of popularity around the Bozeman area. We feature some of the highest quality lift kits around, and even test them ourselves to make sure they hold up to the quality control that we believe in. If you are looking for a specific brand, such as Old Man Emu, please call us. If you don’t currently carry it we can certainly look into it.

Lifted Toyota Tacoma For Sale

The third most popular lifted truck we sell is the Toyota Tacoma. The Tacoma is a favorite of people looking for a little less truck. The tacoma features a smaller body than the Tundra and Silverado, and some people see this as more versatile. One of our accessory managers drives a lifted Tacoma, so you know we like this style a lot.

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