Lee and Dad’s Now Becoming Town and Country

November 16th, 2015 by

Lee and Dad's Now Becoming Town and CountryThere are pluses and minuses to living in a small town. You get friendly, reliable service when you go into stores. Stores that have been around for longer than most of its residents. That’s what Lee and Dad’s is like. A staple in Belgrade for around 70 years,

Lee and Dad’s

has been at the center of Belgrade’s grocery shopping needs forever. And then come the minuses – like all good things, Lee and Dad’s is coming to an end. The owner Dan Gustafson is retiring to spend more time with his family, and the store will soon become a Town and Country. But this can also be a plus. Yes, Belgrade is losing a member of its family, but it’s also gaining one. Town and Country is the same feel of store, with friendly staff, and small-town feel with selection and low prices. Lee and Dad’s Now Becoming Town and Country is an exciting time for Belgrade, and also for Dan Gustafson! Happy retirement to him and happy shopping for Belgrade!

Shopping Without the CommuteLee and Dad’s

For those who love Town and Country, no need to go all the way into Bozeman anymore, when you can get everything you want right down the street! Sure it’s fun to drive to town and get all your stuff done at once, but sometimes you just don’t want to go all the way to Bozeman in your pajamas for granola at 9pm. Now you won’t have to! You can go to Town and Country in your pajamas right in your own backyard. Maybe you’ll even run into one of your neighbors! No one knows! It’s like pajama roulette!

Same People, Just a New Sign

Yes, the bags will be different, but the people at the cash registers and behind the counters will remain the same. With the buyout the Lee and Dad’s staff is staying the same and they were offered stock in Town and Country same as the other stores’ employees. So you don’t have to get used to new people to ask where the almond milk is. They know you always get it, and they’ll direct you down the right aisle. They probably won’t even comment on your slippers.