Labor Day Activities Around Bozeman

September 3rd, 2015 by

For many people, Labor Day signals the end to summer – and rightfully so. After all, school is back in session, the weather is starting to cool down, football season has started, and signs that fall is on its way are everywhere. And while Labor Day tends to serve as the transition between two seasons, it also provides – for many – the opportunity for one last great summer hurrah. If you are looking for something fun to do this Labor Day weekend, here are a few ideas:

Camping and Hiking

Anyone who lives in the Bozeman area knows that it is an excellent place for camping, hiking, fishing and other outdoor activities, so why not take advantage this Labor Day weekend? Get out and try that trail you have always wanted to hike, or load up the family and spend the weekend in the mountains enjoying time away from the daily grind. Taking in the beautiful Montana scenery is a great way to spend any weekend, so why not enjoy it during Labor Day weekend? Visit for hiking trail and camping spot ideas.

Stroll Around Downtown

When was the last time you took a nice stroll through downtown Bozeman? There are plenty of great local shops and restaurants just waiting for you to discover them, and the downtown area is the perfect setting for a relaxing walk, even if you are not looking for anything in particular. See what downtown Bozeman has to offer this Labor Day weekend and enjoy your stroll!

Have a Picnic

Bozeman is home to a number of excellent parks that are perfect for an afternoon picnic. Pack a lunch and gather your family, significant other, or your group of closest friends and spend the afternoon enjoying the cooler Bozeman weather with a meal in the park. Many parks offer playground equipment for the kids and tables to spread your feast out on. For a list of local parks and what each one offers, visit