How Towing Capacity is Calculated

September 4th, 2015 by

In Montana, families love taking their boat or camper up to the lakes or mountain campgrounds to spend quality time. However, what should be a fun family excursion can be incredibly damaging, and dangerous, for your vehicle if you do not know its proper towing capacity. Learning how towing capacity is calculated is something that every future, or present, truck or SUV owner should learn.

Put Your Family’s Safety First

Without knowing how to calculate towing capacity, your camper or boat could easily overpower your vehicle and lead to an accident. So, the first thing to understand about towing capacity is that it is different from your vehicle’s maximum allowable trailer weight.

Subtract 10 Percent

When you buy a vehicle, you definitely need to read the manual. This is where you will find the most information about your vehicle and where your towing capacity will be listed. To stay on the safe side, subtract 10-15 percent from the towing capacity listed. If you put any amount of weight in your camper or boat, the 10 percent subtracted will help compensate for the added weight and keep you and your family safer. If possible, try to estimate how much equipment you will be carrying in your boat or camper. If the weight is significant, you will also need to subtract this number from your tow capacity. Whichever number you are left with after you do the math is the allowable trailer weight for your vehicle. It is better to be under the tow capacity then over it and cause damage to your vehicle, or worse, cause a severe accident.

Your Dealer Should Care About You

Ideally, we hope you come to Ressler Motors for all of your vehicle needs and questions. However, we want you to know that whichever dealer you decide on should have you and your family’s safety as their first priority. A dealer should never let you drive off the lot while being aware that you will be hauling more than the vehicle is capable of towing. A sale is not as important as preventing damage and injury. If you have any questions about towing capacity, we have excellent vehicle experts at our dealership to help you. Please feel free to stop by and let us help you calculate your vehicle’s towing capacity.