How to Tell if Your Air Conditioner Needs Service

June 29th, 2015 by

How to tell if your air conditioner needs service

Finally, summer has arrived in the Gallatin Valley! Temperatures are expected to remain high for awhile, and with such beautiful weather, now is the time for road trips into Yellowstone or Glacier National Park, Red Lodge, Hyalite Reservoir, or any of Montana’s amazing outdoor locations. However, there is one issue that could turn your summer road trip into a terrible experience – the air conditioner not working properly. Here are some signs that your air conditioner may be on the fritz and in need of service:

The Air it Blows is Not Cold

This seems like a pretty obvious test, but if your air conditioner has stopped blowing cold air, then you need to get it checked out. Make sure your vehicle is on when you check your air conditioner. If you turn the key and try to check the air conditioner, you will not get an accurate evaluation. The engine must be turned on completely in order to gauge how well your air conditioner is working.

The Air Pressure Changes

If the air pressure seems like it is not blowing as high as it usually does when you turn the air conditioner in your vehicle on, then you may have a problem. When the A/C is turned on full blast, there should be a definite change in air pressure.

The Air Smells

Your vehicle’s air conditioner should have one smell – the smell of icy air. If your air conditioner is smelling musty, or like motor or engine, then you should definitely get your system checked. The smell can range from very distinct to very slight. Put your nose up to the vent and see if your air conditioner has any sort of suspicious smell. Even if it is still blowing cold air for the moment, the last thing you want to do is ignore the smell and take a road trip and get stuck with no air conditioning in the middle of summer.

Enjoy your summer and remember that even a simple check of your car’s air conditioner can be the difference between happiness and misery on the road.

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