How To Get Your Child Seat Checked For Safety

September 18th, 2015 by


As a parent, there are so many things to worry about. Things you never thought you’d ever be worrying about. Like, where is that marble? There were ten marbles here and now there are only nine. Is it in your nose? Please don’t be in your nose! Not again! The hospital is starting to look at us funny. Oh here it is. Phew! Wait, where are the other nine now?

Marbles are one thing, but don’t worry about your child’s car seat safety. Let us at Ressler Motors help you feel confident and secure that your child is safely buckled and strapped into their car seat every time you get into the car. Take these simple steps, and breathe easier every time you get into the car.

Child Care Connections

Children under 60 pounds and 6 years of age must have the right seat for maximum safety that meets federal standards. Visit one of the Child Care Connections 6 child safety fitting stations in Gallatin and Park counties, or attend one of their Child Safety Seat Clinics. Call 406-587-7786 to schedule an appointment or learn more about a child safety seat check.

Bozeman Fire Department

According to the Bozeman Fire Department website, “4 out of 5 child safety seats are installed wrong” – please don’t be one of these people. Trained in safely installing child car seats, there is always someone on staff during normal business hours to help make sure your child is protected as best as they can be. Stop by anytime or call 406-582-2350 to make an appointment. They also offer a car seat clinic on the second Thursday of every month from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.

Safe Kids Gallatin County

Led by Child Care Connections, Safe Kids Gallatin County provides all kinds of support and care to help provide a safe environment for children, including car seat check-ups. Visit their website at to find an inspection site near you and to schedule an appointment.