What is Greater Yellowstone Coalition

April 23rd, 2016 by

Greater Yellowstone Coalition

The Greater Yellowstone Coalition works to “defend the wild heart of America”. In short it works from Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming to keep Yellowstone whole, healthy, and it’s own entity. It believes that an ecosystem such as Yellowstone National Park can only remain such a glorious thing if its land, waters, and wildlife are protected, and protected well into the future. Their hope is that one day the natural ecosystem of Yellowstone will flourish on its own, be protected by outside and inside institutions and that humans and nature can come together harmoniously and productively while enjoying the beauty of the park.

What They Do

Greater Yellowstone Coalition has been behind some amazing advances for the protection and advancement of Yellowstone. Some of these include a land trade in the 90’s to protect over 100,000 acres of Gallatin-Custer National Forest just outside of Yellowstone from land development, thus keeping construction and other harmful forces away from Yellowstone. There was also an oil drilling ban in 2003, protecting 370,000 acres. And for the waters there has been things such as the process of removing illegally introduced trout into the Yellowstone River so that the native Cutthroat Trout can thrive and survive. Also, the Coalition stopped a mine from making hazard runoff into the waters on the Canadian border. As for the wildlife, some sucesses include the population of grizzly bears going up from 200 to 1,000 because of GYC’s determination to keep grizzlies safe and protected in their park. And to ensure cleaner air quality, and less stress on wildlife a limited number of snowmobiles are allowed to run in the park.

How You Can Help the GYC

The Greater Yellowstone Coalition appreciates and welcomes the support of volunteers who are passionate about helping save the beautiful lands we all love. They will do their very best to match volunteers to their areas of interest. All it takes is filling out a form on their website www.greateryellowstone.org, and the rest of nature history!