Great Vehicle Features for Bozeman Residents

September 3rd, 2015 by

As Bozeman-area residents, we are familiar with a variety of driving conditions. From snow-covered and icy roads, to wet roads, to off-the-beaten-path rural mountain roads, the Bozeman area has it all. In order to be prepared for any and every condition, and to be able to partake in any number of adventures in the area, there are a few vehicles features that you should consider making sure you have.

All-Wheel Drive

When the roads are wet, icy, or covered in snow, all-wheel drive can be a saving grace. All-wheel drive allows all four wheels to spin, improving traction on wet or slick roads. And the best part is that all-wheel drive vehicles are a great choice, no matter what the season, so you can drive them year round. Because the Bozeman area sees some harsh winter conditions, an all-wheel drive vehicle is definitely worth the consideration.

Heated Seats

Want to stay warmer inside your vehicle during the cold months of winter? Give some thought to heated seats. Heated seats deliver heat directly to your body and can help keep you toasty warm during your winter commute or longer trips. The heat may also come in handy to help you try and combat back soreness that sets in during a long drive.

Fold-Down Seats

Whether you are headed into the mountains for a weekend of camping, or planning a day on the slopes with your skis and snowboards, you need space to tote your gear along. If you don’t have accessories such as a roof rack or cargo box, you will definitely need a versatile vehicle with a bit of extra space and seats that fold down to help you stow your gear. Many vehicles offer 60/40-split fold down seats or various other configurations to help you fit in all the equipment that you need for our outdoor or other adventures. If storing your gear on top of your vehicle is not an option, consider something with fold-down seats.