Great Places to Volunteer Around Bozeman

January 27th, 2016 by

Something about the seasons changing and the weather turning colder, makes people want to start doing good for others. Maybe it’s the holiday spirit we start to feel, or maybe it’s that the chill reminds us that we are lucky to have warms coats and a roof over our heads, while others may not be so lucky. No matter what it is, wanting to help others is always a good thing! And there are so many different ways to do so. From soup kitchens, to spending time with someone who just really needs to talk and connect with someone else, there is unfortunately never a shortage of people and places that need help. Get out there and spread some warmth from your heart to theirs! Here are some great places to volunteer around Bozeman!

Big Brothers Big Sisters

This organization believes “that inherent in every child is the ability to succeed and thrive”, and to do so they need help and support they may not be able to get at home. Each child, between the ages of 5-18 is matched with an adult who spends time with them and develops “positive relationships” with them. This is a fantastic way to make a lasting impact in someone’s life by volunteering.

Eagle Mount

Eagle Mount provides recreational based therapies for the disabled as well as children with cancer. It also helps support the families so everyone can thrive. If you love skiing, or skating, or swimming, or hiking, or any number of things and want to work hands on with kids who really need it, this is a fantastic place to spread your talents!

Family Promise

Family Promise works for and with homeless families to help them succeed and end the homelessness cycle. It helps “empower” families to get out on their own through many different ways, and volunteers can always help. Come cook, socialize, or play with the children. Sometimes people really just need other people to hear them. To look at them. To see them. Be that person.

Heart of the Valley

Not all volunteering has to be for people. Animals are in need just as much as we are. Heart of the Valley Animal Shelter’s mission is to “compassionately shelter the lost and surrendered pets of Gallatin and Madison Valleys”. Adoption saves lives, and so does volunteering, because without volunteers it would be hard to keep such amazing places like this running. Call them today and have them match you with a volunteer opportunity that best suits you and the facility!