Great Gluten Free Restaurants in Bozeman

October 8th, 2015 by

Great Gluten Free Restaurants in Bozeman

Finding great restaurants in Bozeman is not hard, finding great gluten-free restaurants in Bozeman is a little harder. Luckily, great options are popping up everywhere and most menus even have a little GF symbol next to certain dishes to indicate what is gluten-free and what is not. This is great at saving you long, awkward questioning time with the waiter who clearly thinks you’re flirting, but it does not save you from long, awkward explaining you have to do with your Great Aunt Bert who doesn’t understand what it means and starts to say stuff like, “In my day, we didn’t even have this gluten stuff. We just had regular bread.” And when you tell her that yes, it did exist in her day she says, “Oh sure. And now you’re going to tell me in my day we also had flying cars and hovercrafts.” Don’t get into a long discussion with your Great Aunt Bert about the difference between flying cars and hovercrafts. You’re too hungry for that! Take a look at these great gluten-free restaurants in Bozeman and enjoy an awkward-conversation-free meal!

Sola Café

Sola Café is a great place for people looking for a relaxing, friendly environment to enjoy some great gluten-free food! Most of the menu items are GF, from the mac n cheese to the cookies, you can pretty much find anything you’re looking for here. And if your Great Aunt Bert wants a sandwich packed with all the gluten she can, they’ve got that too. Bring a book or a friend, and chow down!


Right in the heart of downtown Bozeman, Fin is an upscale, delicious choice for those looking for great gluten-free options. Their seafood options are to die for, and they have a menu clearly marked with all the gluten-free dishes they serve. King crab legs, seared shrimp and potato gnocchi, spinach and parmesan polenta are just some of the things Fin is serving up for you. The sleek atmosphere and outside dining options are just a feel-good bonus. Perfect for an anniversary, or just a nice night on the town with a few friends!

Off the Eatin’ Path

A little hidden gluten-free gem of Bozeman is Off the Eatin’ Path! Located just across Bozeman Health (formerly Bozeman Deaconess), the owner has Celiac so he definitely knows what GF means and is extra careful about this! The food is fantastic, and they have a lot of bacon. Bacon is gluten-free ya’ll. That’s like a little present from the universe right there.

Red Tractor Pizza

Going gluten-free doesn’t seem that hard until you realize you have to give up pizza and beer, and then it seems like some sort of third world torture! Well, luckily Red Tractor Pizza can help! They have amazing pizzas and beers, and will even let you custom order something if that’s what you’re after. Take a deep breath, beer still exists for you, and it’s at Red Tractor Pizza.