Great Children Activities in Bozeman

October 8th, 2015 by

Great Children Activities in Bozeman

Bozeman is truly one of the great places to be with kids. The whole town is incredibly family-friendly from the fancier restaurants to the movie theater, you’re bound to see kids everywhere you go. But maybe sometimes you don’t want to be the people at the bar with a cranky toddler? As much fun as it usually is that last time got a little hairy and you swore you’d never let your four year old say the words “Let’s take this outside!” again. So, save the bars and the movies for yourself! Here are some great children activities in Bozeman!


Bozeman has some fantastic museums for kids! The Museum of the Rockies has an amazing display of real dinosaur fossils and bones, built up so they look like the real T-Rex or stegosaurus coming right at you. Kids may rush past them or stand in awe, but they are never going to forget it.! You can also take in a show at the planetarium or wander upstairs and let your littler kids explore and play in the Discovery Center where they have a replica of a geyser that goes off intermittently! (It’s turned off from 10-12 for those kids that are a little more skittish)

Downtown also has the Children’s Museum, which as the name implies is geared towards children! But don’t let that make you yawn yet, this is a fun place for parents as well, as you get to play and build and create with your kids you’ll feel like a kid again yourself. It’s amazing how just being around a room full of interesting toys and nothing else makes you want to play yourself.

Bozeman Public Library

It doesn’t have a bar, but the library does have a coffee shop (close second!), so grab yourself a latte and take your children into the kid’s library area and fall in love with reading again. If you have smaller ones, Books and Babies on Tuesdays and Thursdays is a great way to get your baby some positive stimulation and it’s also a chance for you to meet other parents with kids in similar age to yours!

Fish Hatchery

Located across from the “M” Trail, the Fish Hatchery is fun for the kids to go look at and feed the fish! Those trout know when the kids are coming and will swim over to them, making your children feel extra special, plus the whole thing is free!


There are so many parks in Bozeman you may not even bring up going to the park because you don’t want to have to spend the time deciding which one to go to. But don’t do that! Pick a name out of a hat, or blindfold one of your kids and let them pick one randomly from a map – you’ll have some good outdoor fun no matter where you go! Some of the highlights are Dinosaur Park on Davis, Bogert Park, and the Splash Park in Belgrade. But really, they’re parks. You can’t go wrong!