Great Budget Family Restaurants in Bozeman

October 30th, 2015 by

We know you are a good parent. You make sure that homework is done before the computer goes on. Your kids always say please and thank you. And even though you’ve worked a full day, and gone to the gym, and taken the recycling to the bins by Home Depot where you exercised extreme willpower by not going to Starbucks even though it’s Right There and you worked so hard you probably deserve that 17,000 calorie coffee treat, ok fine, so you got the small size. And a cookie. And one for tomorrow. That’s still willpower if we’ve ever seen it! And even after you did all that you still come home and make a delicious, organic, grass-fed, healthy meal for your family. Which they do not appreciate at all. They eat so fast it’s like they’re in a contest no one told you about. But still! You do it for the family! One day they’ll thank you. Maybe?

Sometimes you just need to take the night off from being the amazing parent you are, and take your family out to dinner! Just do it. They’ll be so surprised and happy they’ll think they forgot your birthday or something and that maybe this is your way of celebrating. They’ll run out and buy you presents, or write you a poem – but hopefully it’s presents! So take them to one of these great budget family restaurants in Bozeman, and relax for tonight. It’s your (fake) birthday. You deserve it.

Great Budget Family Restaurants in Bozeman

Mackenzie River Pizza

Mackenzie River Pizza - Bozeman, MTThere is always someone laughing, someone talking, someone having a good time when you walk into Mackenzie River Pizza on Main in downtown Bozeman. The pizzas are delicious and you can split one or two for the whole family, making it a reasonably cheap, filling meal everyone will enjoy. Plus they have to eat it slowly, otherwise they’ll burn the roof of their mouths. Parenting win!

The Garage

The Garage Soup Shack - Bozeman, MTThick, juicy burgers, a soup bar, outdoor seating, fun staff and a play area for kids, you can’t go wrong with The Garage. Eating outside excites everyone for some reason, it’s like being released into the wild, but with tables and chairs and a nice shady overhang, where someone refills your iced tea. Plus it’s affordable to boot!

Colombo’s Pizza and Pasta

Columbo's Pizza & Pasta - Bozeman, MTColombo’s is right across from the University so you know it’s got to be delicious and affordable. This is the perfect place to take your family when the kids just won’t sit still. Order a pizza and then send them off with a roll of quarters to play the video games while you guys sip your beer in peace. It’s worth the quarters.





Clark’s ForkClarks Fork - Bozeman, MT

If there’s a running theme with these great budget family restaurants in Bozeman, it’s that a lot of them have play areas for the kids. Why doesn’t every place have these?! Grocery stores, malls, the DMV. Every place should have them! But they don’t, and those places don’t serve dinner either. So take your family to Clark’s Fork and get a sandwich or salad and enjoy a cheap, healthy meal and some new toys for your kids to destroy


Soby's Cafe - Bozeman, MTSmall, secluded, and delicious, Soby’s should be a go-to spot for everyone. The menu (especially the Mexican one) is fantastic and the portions are huge! Have the kids get a smiley face pancake while you get a whole breakfast burrito for yourself! The staff is super friendly with kids and will bring them crayons and coloring books and treats if they sense things are about to go south. Nothing is more amazing than having a waitress hand your three year old a lollipop right before Epic Meltdown Phase.