Fun Games To Play With Your Family On Road Trips

October 8th, 2015 by

Fun Games To Play With Your Family On Road Trips

For some of us, hitting your sibling and not getting caught by your parents was often the best game to play on road trips, back when we were kids. That, or “let’s see how many things we can throw out the window before they notice” was also a standard (this one is also better known as littering). But times have changed. Littering is now a thing, and with all the great features of cars these days parents can see, sense, and smell sibling rivalry almost before it happens. We here at Ressler Motors want you to have a litter-free, non-violent road trip experience, so why not head into a road trip with some fun games to play! Turn off those DVD players, roll up (and possibly lock) those windows, and play with your family! Only 17 more hours to go.

I Spy

We have to start with this classic. Your teenagers may scoff, but they’ll get into. They have no choice! They’re trapped and the headphones have been confiscated! And your preschooler will be so entertained they will never want to stop playing. Ever. You may have to do the reverse with them and eventually pull out the Disney movies, but for now have someone start with the line “I Spy. . .” followed by clues about what they see. Take turns and enjoy how much you really get into your surroundings.

Road Trip Bingo

This one requires a little prep, but it will be so worth it to get you out of those are-we-there-yet doldrums. Each person gets a bingo card (there are great free printable picture ones specifically for these occasions online), and a bag of 16 pennies. When you drive past something that is on your card put a penny on it. The first one to cover all the squares in a line and shout, “Bingo!” wins. Extra bonus if you want to have little goody bags ready for prizes. A few yogurt-covered raisins and some crayons work great. It’s amazing what sort of things pass as prizes when you’re in a car for days at a time.

Counting Cows

This game is good for kids who are a little older. The car gets split down the middle into teams and you count the cows you pass on your side of the car. If you’re driving past a farm or dairy you better count fast! If you pass a cemetery on your side of the car you lose all of your cows if the other team sees it and says, “Your cows are buried!” The team with the most cows wins!


This is not a game per say, but it is one of the most fun things to do in the car as a family. It lets you blow off some steam if you’re rocking out, or it can be a good exercise in harmonizing. In either case, singing makes people feel good, it makes people happy, and that helps distract from the fact that your legs are slowly going numb.