Family Weekend Trips in Southwest Montana

October 8th, 2015 by

Family Weekend Trips in Southwest Montana

Sometimes you just need to get away. Whether it’s cabin fever from a long, long winter, or your mother-in-law has come to stay with you for “as long as she feels like it” because she “birthed your spouse” and has “eternal rights to them”, and thus your guest room (which she has renamed “Patricia’s Room” for reasons that are not clear since her name is not Patricia nor do you know anyone else by that name) is now a den of unfinished quilts and strong smelling perfumes. Ressler Motors wants you get away from that. Ressler Motors wants you to get away no matter what the reason, because some of the best family memories are made on trips together. Take a look at our list of great family weekend trips in southwest Montana! Patricia needs it more than you do.

Fairmont Hot Springs Resort

Olympic-sized swimming pools, mineral soaking pools, a 350-foot enclosed waterslide, golf course, tennis courts, massage studio, restaurants – do I need to go on? Get in the car and take your family to Fairmont Hot Springs in Anaconda where there’s something for everyone! But make sure to call ahead first, reservations fill up fast.

Cliff and Wade Lakes

If you want a beautiful place to escape to for the weekend with your family, Cliff and Wake Lakes in Cameron, MT are for you! There are numerous camp sites (first come first serve), from which you can just unzip your tent and walk on down to some gorgeous, clear lakes which you can paddle board on, canoe on, kayak on, swim in, fish in, and just have fun in! Build a campfire at night and make s’mores and start all over in the morning with a hike and then back to the lake. You’ll sleep better than you ever have before.

Yellowstone National Park

Probably one of the first places when you think of southwest Montana, Yellowstone National Park is an unforgettable experience for anyone who goes there. Take the family and camp or stay at one of the lodges and spend your days sightseeing to your heart’s content! Catch Old Faithful in all its glory, or make a game out of who can spot the most wildlife, from bears to bison to antelope, there are hundreds of different species roaming the park. Yes you’ll start in Montana, but by the end you will have also hit Wyoming and maybe even Idaho – three states in one weekend!

Virginia City

With a population of 132 people, you don’t come to Virginia City for the “city”, you come for the history. There are ghost tours, stagecoach tours,1941 fire engine tours, and walking tours – basically any kind of tour that tickles your fancy. People come from all over to take in the Brewery Follies, a nightly cabaret, and also the Virginia City Players at the Opera House, a 19th century melodrama. Whether you stick to the ghost town or the Opera, there’s something for everyone in this quaint, historic destination!