Cross Country Skiing Bozeman and Big Sky Area

November 17th, 2014 by

Cross Country Skiing in BozemanWhat to do?

Have you ever wondered what to do on a cooler, wintery day in and around Bozeman? Have you considered cross country skiing Bozeman? I recently found out that the city of Bozeman and a number of local organizations prep local parks, golf courses and trails for a fun filled morning or afternoon of Cross Country Skiing Bozeman.

The picture on the left is a mom and son enjoying the “groomed” surface at the Bridger Creek Golf Club.  These groomed surfaces cover much of the 18 hole course.  Included are long flat surfaces, up – and the corresponding down – hills rate from light to more hardcore, and they include meadows as well as woods.  There is literally skiing for all skill levels.

Other Sites

There are many other sites offering family entertainment and a groomed surface for cross country skiing Bozeman: Lindley Park and the area North and East of the Hospital; Bohart Ranch on the backside of the Bridgers just past the Bridger Bowl Ski Resort; and the Bozeman Creek Trail located in Sourdough Canyon. There are also a number of non-groomed half day or full day trips for hiking, snowshoeing or cross country skiing Bozeman at Hyalite Canyon, not to mention even more as you head out of Bozeman towards Big Sky.


There are incredible opportunities to explore into new areas that were inaccessible during the spring and summer.  Also, The well worn trails from warmer months take on a whole new aspect when traversed on skies;  not to mention the pace and distance that can be covered by a family on skies.  There is no better way to see the incredible landscape around then to cross country ski Bozeman.  Not into skiing – there are still a host of activities in our region for both the local and visiting explorer.

Yes, the snow is beautiful when your looking out a window while sitting next to a fire, but there is no excuse to not get out and explore even when the temperature drops!–Don Murray



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